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The discussion over Mindset has been done in a quite well manner. It started with a good attention-grabbing point, and although it was supposed to frustrate me when the link did not work, I was not frustrated. Realistically it made me more interested. I was assured that there will be something interesting in the later part of the discussion. Images were effectively used to keep the document interesting and save the reader from boredom. Color schemes were effectively used whole discussing the types of Mindset. Every mindset was given a specific color in heading, and the same color was used in the text as well. Another interesting aspect of the discussion was how different scenarios were used to communicate their point. The cartoons used as scenarios were not only interesting but also intriguing. Although I have a suggestion here if my fellow students find it appropriate, they should sue such scenarios which are not gender based. Because in all fur scenarios, boys are shown to have a fixed mindset and girls to have a growth mindset. Further, the implementation of the mindset was also discussed. Overall I rate it a good discussion with few changes to be made like in the learning objective, there are few formatting mistakes and it would not hurt to add the importance of mindset in start to convince the reader to continue reading.

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Post 5

At the start of this course, we had the usual learning expectation form this subject as we have from other subjects, but I did not realize it will create such a big difference in my learning curve. It convinces me that I can learn anything any time I want. Earning is never difficult and never out of option. We were provided with the option to earn anything new, any skills which interest us, and I opted to learn the art of a healthy lifestyle. Which proved to be an amazing choice. Getting a healthy lifestyle was a lot harder than I thought. It was no like other skills that it can be done at any time. It needs consistency and determination and continuous motivation. I gained my motivation form my fellow students who were very much focused on learning their new skills. Also, the class course really helped me stay on the right track.

I learned that for opting healthy lifestyle, I need learning more than knowledge because knowledge can be gained from books, documentaries, videos, articles, and tutorials about real learning comes from practice. Another important aspect of my learning was the difference between deep learning and surface learning and how deep learning was connected with the cognitive approach, and I opted the cognitive approach for all my learning experience in this subject in all other subjects. I want to mention that along with my class instructions; another helping hand was technology. Technology has evolved over the year, and it helped me a lot to change my life. Through technology, I opted an active knowledge construction to support my integrated learning approach, which was previously highly focused on passive knowledge construction. Today I am happy to tell you that I have a healthy lifestyle for which all credit goes to this course.


Technology plays a major role in helping us learn new skills, whether they are minor or major. For my new lifestyle adoption, technology helped me in advanced research to explore all the options. It enabled me to make an effective assessment and learn at my own pace without strict protocols and deadlines (Morison, 2018). With technology enabled online groups and improved communication, I got the chance to interact with like-minded people and learned through their experience. We, as students are observing a major shift in our learning experience due to technology advancement. We have increased access to resources, which is improving our engagement with relevant material and outcomes of our learning. Technology has removed the conventional classroom boundaries and enables us to learn through YouTube and social media, which was previously considered as a waste of time (Himmelsbach, 2019).

Living a healthy lifestyle is easier said than done. I opted to convert my lifestyle into a healthy one, but it has been a very difficult skill to learn as it needs consistency more than anything else. My source of motivation came from my class lectures and blogs I have been writing previously about my so far progress. The research I did for the transformation of my lifestyle involved reading about lifestyles of other people who have successfully done what I am trying to do; their stories are also a source of motivation. I created a nutritional chart for own self which I am sharing here for my fellow friends to benefit from.

  Breakfast A.M Snack Lunch P.M snack Dinner
Day 1: Total Calories ( 350 Calories) 2 Boiled egg + 1 glass of milk (75 Calories) 1.5 cup of strawberries (380 Calories) A Steak cooked in saturated oil + green salad (50 Calories) Some slices of melon or watermelon (190 Calories) 1 baked potato + 1 low-calorie pasta  
Day 2 Totals Calories   (350 calories) 1 glass of juice + 1 fried egg + some strawberries (95 calories) 1 peach or apple   (350 calories) 1 burger with low calories beef in it   (50 calories) 1 orange (250 calories) Fruit salad with low-calorie lasagna    
Day 3: Daily Totals   (250 calories) 1 cup of coffee + 1 boiled egg + 1 cup of yogurt (95 calories) Some fruit i.e., apple or banana (250 calories) Bean salad + roasted chicken piece (50 calories) Some blueberries (450 calories) Mutton Sandwich + Herbal tea + Salad  
Day 4: Daily Totals     (300 calories) 1 cup of Tea + 1 cup of cereal + 1 boiled egg (95 calories) One peach (350 calories) 1 roasted steak plus green salad (70 calories) Orange or strawberry juice (400 calories) Steamed rice with broccoli + Fruit salad + one glass of margarita
Day 5: Daily Totals: 1,214 calories     (300 calories) 1 glass of milk plus 1 toast with fried egg + some strawberries (90 calories) Banana shake with no sugar (350 calories) Chicken soup with small roasted pieces of chicken (60 calories) 1 cup of blueberries (304 calories) Potato with Kale + White beans salad + herbal tea


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Post 3

Learning has always been a key aspect of human psychology as the human mind is passively learning something all the time. For increasing the positive implications of the new learning environment, passive knowledge construction should be replaced with active knowledge construction (Brabrand, 2009). Authors of ‘Teaching in Blended Learning Environments’ stated that for catering to the needs of modern learning, it is important that a sustainable environment is created customized for fulfilling the contemporary requirements. Additionally, it is argued that higher education should not be a one way medium of learning, rather it should be collaborative between teachers and students (Vaughan, Cleveland-Innes, & Garrison, 2013)

Learning Exprience

When I started learning the art of a healthy lifestyle. It was very difficult at the start because I was accustomed to living my life in a certain way. I find it more difficult than learning a particular new skill because for skills, you don’t have to change your entire outlook on life, but for opting healthy lifestyle, I had to change all my habits including eating, sleeping, working out, spending time out-door, etc. Watching a work out video might be easy, but doing exercise for even 10-15 minutes was very tough at the start, but I took my inspiration from this class and started putting some extra effort into exercise. I developed a proper diet plan according to the needs of my body by analysis of weight and height proportion through nutrition, and healthy lifestyle focused websites. Technology really helped me in my urge for a healthy lifestyle. I found a lot of inspirational stories on YouTube, which kept me motivated. YouTube proved to be very helpful as there were a large number of useful videos explaining every exercise and diet plan according to it. I started spending some time out-door, away from screens and getting proper sleep, which made my life healthier and made ma more productive.


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People often find it difficult to learn new skills, new languages, or new hobbies because they confuse knowledge with understanding. People gain knowledge and consider it as ‘understanding.’ Gaining knowledge is easy, read a book, watch a documentary, video or tutorial, read an article, write and memorize main points and even then, when they are about to do something new, they can’t. Because what they gained was knowledge, what they actually need is ‘Understanding. For understanding, everything has to be done in practice. Practice gives understanding as no book can. For learning start with gaining knowledge. Read, hear, and talk about how it needs to be done and then do it again and again until you do it with perfection. Learning is way easier for children as compared to adults because the human brain condition itself to think and coordinate things in a certain way with the passage of time (Destin, 2015)

Learning in the 21st century has evolved due to technological evolution. Dr. Tony Bates has discussed in his book that learning something new is a shared responsibility between learner/students and the teacher. The sole focus of the book has been on how teaching methods can be improved with the help of technology. The author stated that technology does not determine the methodologies of teaching.  Rather it complements the method, or technique teacher has opted for teaching his students. These methodologies vary from teaches to teachers. Epistemological approaches change according to the domain of study.  The teacher decides the approach depending on his subject requirements and attitude of students. There are no right and wrong methodology of teaching. The simple truth is that different situations demand different methodologies. Just like learning new skills is factor dependent, similarly teaching is factor dependent as well. Both need constant improvisation to succeed (Bates, 2015).

Learning Experience

The excessive academic pressure in the last term made a huge impact on my mental and physical health. I had to work up till late nights and had very less sleep till two months straight. I couldn’t eat healthily and properly at the same time, which took a toll on me. I lost 6 kilograms, and huge hair loss started along with visible unhealthy skin. Even after the semester ended, I could not get my routine back on track. I had to visit a Doctor which recommended some vitamins and iron capsules along with a healthy diet chart. She suggested some supplements for hair strength and acne. But the most stress which she laid on was my work out routine. Physical strength ensures mental strength, and that’s how I started my ‘back to life’ routine. 

I started working out on a daily basis, but in the start, it was hard to follow this routine. But after doing this for some days, I felt the visible impact on my overall mood and health. That’s the time when I felt that I need to follow a proper scheduled routine in order to be healthy. In the morning, I started thirty minute’s walk, followed by breakfast. After taking fruits in the noontime, I started a 30-minute workout, which includes crunches, planks, squats, and climbers. After thirty days, I extended my work-out plan from thirty minutes to one hour. This tiring workout routine made me hungry in the evening, and in this way, I was able to take proper dinner enriched with nutrients. I gained 4 kilograms back in two months. I took supplements on regular basis, which became part of my routine, except for few first days, when I used to forget to take them.

My personal experience taught me to be consistent if you want to gain something. Physical health directly impacts mental health, which is directly connected to different organs of our body. So in order to be healthy, strong, and sharp-minded, the first step is to look at the diet routine and daily routine. Work-out is very essential for a healthy and fresh lifestyle.


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Post 1


Hi everyone, my name is lihan Chen. I am from Chongqing which is located in the southwest of China. It is a beautiful and attractive city. We have a famous hot pot there. It is really spciy, probably because of geographical reasons, therefore People there are very fond of spicy food.

However, I am a third-year student at Uvic and my major is economics. But I used to be an art student. I had experiences of learning several types of painting, like watercolor, sketching, and Chinese traditional painting. I love art. I love beautiful things, they can bring me freshness and yearning for life.

Learning Experience

Where we can’t pursue the meaning of learning, but we know that this is our human instinct desire for unknown. Firstly, people have full of interest, and then they are desperate to explore it. In other words, learning is a way to create more possibilities. Modern society can’t survive without knowledge, otherwise it will be eliminated by society.  what some people don’t want to learn, perhaps they are fear to learn. this kind of fear that makes them lost. For instance there is a road that leads to the slopes, but people don’t know the danger it is. If they are not careful on this, they will fall down the abyss, and then they will be unable to control themselves until the deep underneath. As I am an international student, I have never thought about that one day I will study and live in a place where is so far away from my home with an unfamiliar environment. And I speak different languages; however, it was the biggest difficulty for me, because I need to learn not only just knowledge, but also how to deal with difficulties in a strange environment. In fact, most of them are psychologically overcoming my inner fear. I should integrate into the life in Canada, communicating with the people around, and learning the culture of the local people. In general, learning process is a way to overcome our inner fear and explore the unknow.